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Entrepreneurs, small business owners and start-ups!

There’s one sure way to grow your business and that’s to tell a powerful story about who you are, what you do, and why it matters.

For 25 years, I’ve helped major brands and global organizations tell a better story, reach bigger audiences and create more impact than they ever dreamed possible. Now for the first time, I’m opening my doors to small businesses like yours.

Here’s your chance to work with me one-on-one. This is easy entry into world-class brand thinking – just choose your package.

Great stories happen to those who tell them. Let’s build your brand and make your dreams come true.

“So thrilled for all of you entrepreneurs, start-ups, life coaches and visionaries to FINALLY have the opportunity to work with the Brand Whisperer, Nancy Hala. Whatever your big dream for your business, trust Nancy to help you make it come true. Building your brand and learning how to tell your story is the key to success in any small business, and what creative-powerhouse Nancy has done for some of the biggest brands in the world, she can do for you. After all, your start-up story is one of the most important stories you will ever tell. Team up with Nancy and make those dreams of yours come true.”

Sheri SalataFormer Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show & Co-President of Harpo Studios and OWN

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Wherever you are today in the evolution of your brand, I can help you sharpen the vision, craft the narrative, oversee creative development, and accelerate growth.

This is easy entry into world-class brand thinking.

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Your brand has passion and purpose. What’s your secret sauce? Are you changing lives? Creating something we’ve never seen before? You need to tell your BrandStory in a way that touches hearts and stirs imaginations. Your audience will know who you are, what you do, and why it matters. Click to learn more.


Let’s light your brand on fire and unleash it into the world. To expand your platform, grow your audience, and increase your revenue streams we’ll fully develop your customer-facing brand, complete with a snappy narrative, visual design oversight, social extensions, and smart marketing strategies.
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It’s time to burn bright, visionary. Strategy, story, digital platform renewal and social extensions – all of this is included in Blaze. And because inspiration doesn’t stop when the phone call ends, you’ll have open and continual access to Nancy in ongoing emails and texts. This is strategic partnership with concrete deliverables.
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“Rarely have I encountered a person of such rare gifts and drive. Incredibly evocative as a visual storyteller; warm and passionate as a presenter; elegant and crystalline as a writer. Nancy understands, better than most, that a brand should be about more than a recitation of visual assets. In her hands, a brand becomes a product’s or company’s soul. If your brand needs definition, refinement or from-scratch creation, you simply cannot do better than Nancy.”

Matt RosenblattManaging Director, Digital Transformation, Fjord.

Meet Nancy

As a brand builder and creative strategist…

I’ve led my own firm working with Fortune 500 companies, executed creative campaigns for a global management consulting firm based in Chicago, introduced brand strategy and storytelling to a top LA-based advertising firm, and helped a creative agency craft its own brand identity and the brands of top clients.

In all my roles – from Biz Dev Director to Strategy Veep to Chief Strategy Officer – I’ve shaped brand strategy and storytelling for leading clients like…

“Nancy is one of the most dynamic people I have met in my career, with an innate ability to turn any plain vanilla pitch into one of the most deliciously poetic chocolate raspberry truffles you will ever eat with your eyes and ears. At heart, Nancy is a storyteller who has turned her craft into the art of helping companies sell their story forward. Also, she is always willing to take on new challenges and stretch herself to learn the latest and greatest way of being better. Nancy = #BetterStorytelling.”

PJ BickettSenior Partner, North American Digital Consulting Practice Lead, Wipro Digital

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