What My Clients Say…

“After having hired many highly recommended writers over the years, I was ready to give up on my search for a brand writer and struggle with writing copy on my own. Then a miracle happened. Intuitively guided to seek help one last time, a friend introduced me to Nancy Hala. In an instant, my wishes began to come true.

Never before have I worked with someone so talented, so intuitive, so professional and so gifted in the art of conveying my BrandStory in a way that rang true. Nancy instantly “got me,” and was able to translate my mission and purpose into such accurate, beautiful, glorious words I couldn’t believe it. She captured the best in me and announced it to the world in seamless, joyful fashion.

Working with Nancy was a dream. Her ability to deeply listen, ask the right questions, then skillfully transform our conversations into such a beautiful end result blew me away. Nancy truly is a brand whisperer. Working with her is a gift and a blessing. Don’t waste your time on others. Nancy is the person to get it right the first time.”

Sonia Choquette, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Guide and MentorNY Times Bestselling Author of Ask Your Guides and The Answer is Simple… Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit

“What an honor, and an absolute privilege, it has been to work with Nancy Hala, The brand whisperer. Nancy led me on my journey to visualize, build, and fully embody my BrandStory. The results are beyond anything I could have dreamed of. I am excited to be The Girlfriend Doctor, and so thankful for Nancy's professionalism, expertise, clarity, and standards of excellence that were brought into every aspect of our work. She was superb, whether working with me, one-on-one, or with my team. All tasks were completed in record time and before deadline. She also made herself available as we navigated the demands (often stressful) of doing this important work in the midst of my book launch, a very hectic time.

I love, love, love my new brand and highly recommend working with Nancy. She has the gift of keen insight, and is a visionary. This helped me to identify my purpose and passion. With Nancy's support and encouragement, I was able to take a bold and beautiful position in my business. I wish everyone the opportunity to experience a brand that represents who they are and what they love doing, while also providing them with a tremendous amount of prosperity.”

Dr Anna Cabeca, The Girlfriend DoctorAuthor of bestselling books The Hormone Fix and Keto-Green™ 16

“Nancy is extremely gifted at seeing beneath the surface of your products and programs to the essence of what you do and how you serve your clients. Her visioning process, beautiful prose and unwavering commitment unearthed a brand that represents all of me and highlights how I want to serve in the world. Nancy not only developed my new brand, she helped us design and write our new website, interview and select a PR agency, and develop collateral for a signature program.

The results have been extraordinary – new clients, numerous TV, print, and podcast opportunities, and the successful launch of our first Masterclass. I wish everyone the gift of a brand that helps them earn a living and shine brightly.”

Carson TateFounder and Visionary, Carson Tate and Working Simply

“Thank you for being the light that led me down this path. Truly since we began working together, I have a newborn energy and I wake up every day with a dance of creativity that I knew was there, but couldn’t feel what it was. You helped me identify my soul’s calling. Did you know that is what you were doing as my brand whisperer? I am indebted. This experience has been transformative.”

Marla “Nanny Bubby” LetiziaCook, Gardener and Media Personality

“Nancy is a woman you can fully trust to work written magic. She takes all the ideas and emotions you have swirling around in your head about your business, that you struggle to express, and (somehow – I’m really not sure how!) creates something articulate, ordered and meaningful. As someone who sometimes struggles to get the ideas in her head organized enough to conform to a piece of paper, or screen, in a way that makes sense to others – Nancy was incredibly valuable.”

Emily FosterFounder Glowing Potential

“I can’t tell you how valuable this was for me. You are offering women like me a chance to step up in bigger, more powerful ways. Thank you for understanding my business, and helping me craft my story and share my voice. You helped me show up authentically. I so appreciate that I got to know Nancy Hala!”

Darienne Mobley, Certified Professional CoachFounder, Darienne Mobley Inc.

“I really appreciate the structure you helped me create. The process was invaluable, and I feel it pushed me into the next sphere with my brand. But I also very much enjoyed chatting with you as an entrepreneur in our stage of life. Our early calls – where you helped me work through my vision of both Soul Farm and my own future – were truly motivating. Namaste, my friend.”

Judi Harvin, Yogi, Retreat VisionaryFounder, Soul Farm Retreats

“As my brand whisperer, you took my company vision to the next level. You helped me weave the threads of my business concept into an exciting and compelling pitch. We brainstormed and dreamed big about what my company could be, bringing the kernels of my idea to life.

You helped me push the envelope on my projects and breathe new energy into my work. Thank you!”

Lauren Jezienicki, Real Estate PowerhouseFounder, One Circle Co.

“I want to say thank you. I knew that you would be highly skilled in branding elements, given the polish of your own company and what I know of your background. I also knew that I wanted to work with you because of how much I resonate with how you see the world, based upon your podcast discussions.

That said, I truly did not anticipate the life and excitement that you would breathe into my vision with only one phone call. I have been feeling a little stuck, a little discouraged and directionless about my spiritual work for a number of months now, not sure how to progress but not wanting to let it go. After our call yesterday, I was just filled with a lovely burst of energy and excitement about the possibilities. I feel motivated, I feel hopeful, and I feel joy. And frankly, if the concept of “if not now, when” doesn’t come with joy, then what’s the point, really?

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you and I wanted you to know what it meant to me, beyond the “work” and well into an infusion of love and happiness about what I have to offer. You are far more than a branding specialist. I’m so excited to get to know you, to work with you and to see where this goes. Thank you!”

Karen Gabler, Intuitive Mentor & Psychic MediumFounder, Karen Gabler